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The process and stages of Website Design!
Planning and Consultation: 
It is the gathering client information phase.  This is the foundation of the website and is essential in developing the information architecture and graphic design of the site.
Website Marketing
What are the goals of the website? What resources are available? Who is your clientele and what will your site offer you?
Website Architecture
and Design
This is the process of website content development and when graphic designs are built. The graphic interface is produced and the layouts, photographs, navigation systems, and other graphic elements are applied. Links are checked, programming analyzed and the site structure begins to take shape. 
Search Engine Registration 
At the end of this process, your website is loaded to a server making your site available online. We will assist you in  finding a  host, and registering your site with a search engine. 
We can maintain and update the site for you, or train you how to do the procedure yourself.